Titlu English for Research Usage, Style, and Grammar
Autor A.Wallwork
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English for Research Usage, Style, and Grammar

How is the book organized? The book is organized into 28 chapters on various aspects of English usage. This means that in the same chapter you will fi nd all issues related to, for example, the use of tenses. However, some grammatical items are separated for convenience. For example, you will fi nd the use of adverbs in three different sections: Chapter 13 deals with how adverbs are used as link words, Chapter 14 with typical differences between the various adverbs of time and place, and Chapter 17 with where adverbs are located within a phrase. In each subsection, you will fi rst fi nd numbered guidelines. When there are four or more rules, the last few rules are generally the least important. In the table below the guidelines, there are examples of sentences that implement (or fail to implement) the rules.