Titlu Front-end Development with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Bootstrap
Autor Simone Chiaretta
Categorie Calculatoare / IT
Front-end Development with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Bootstrap

WANT TO START BY THANKING MY GIRLFRIEND SIGNE, for her support and for putting up with
the many hours that this project took from my free time. This book would have not been possible
without her support and blessing.
Then I would like to thank the editorial group at Wiley/Wrox. To Jim Minatel for helping draft the
original idea behind the book and getting started with the project, and to Kelly Talbot, who without
any shadow of a doubt did an amazing job with the copyediting of the manuscript and improving
the language and readability of the book, and who kept pushing me and motivating me during the
various rewrites that this book needed due to fundamental changes in the technologies covered.
And also a great thank you to Ugo Lattanzi, the technical editor, who helped catch some technical
flaws and overall helped a lot with the quality of the book.
Besides the people directly involved in the writing of the book, I also want to thank the ASP.NET
team, first for creating such a great framework, and also for helping me out in the early stages to
understand where the framework was going. In particular I want to thank Bertrand Le Roy, Scott
Hunter, and Scott Hanselman for providing me with up-to-date details about the upcoming releases.
A special thanks goes to Mads Kristensen for writing the preface and for always helping me out with
questions about integration of front-end features into Visual Studio 2017.
I also want to thank Jason Imison for his help in better understanding the role of OmniSharp inside
VS Code and to Juri Strumpflohner, for helping me out with some Angular-related matters.
Finally, I also have to thank my coworkers and manager Gunter for their support and review of the