Titlu White Death
Autor Tim Vicary
Categorie Limba Engleză
White Death

Invata engleza citind, nivelul recomandat A2 Elementary. 

The woman stood in front of the prison. The prison was a big, dirty building in the biggest town of a hot country. The woman was very hot, and she did not like the noise from all the cars in the road. She was an Englishwoman and she did not like hot countries or a lot of noise. She was tall, about fifty years old, with blue eyes and a long face. Her face was red, and she looked tired and angry. She knocked at the door of the prison. For a long time nothing happened. Then a little window opened in the door, and a man looked out at her. 'Yes? What do you want?' 'I want to see my daughter. It's very important.' 'Name?' 'Anna Harland.' 'Is that your name or your daughter's name?' 'It's my name. My daughter's name is Sarah Harland.' 'You can't visit her today. Come back on Wednesday.' 'No! I came from England to see her today. It's very important. She's going to court tomorrow. Please take me to her - now!' 'Wait a minute.' The little window closed, but the door did not open. The woman waited in front of the door for a long time. A lot of people in the road looked at her. One or two young men laughed, but she did not move. She stood there in the hot road in front of the prison door, and waited. After twenty minutes, the door opened. 'Come with me,' the man said. The woman went in with him. It was dark in the prison, and at first she could not see very well. She walked for a long time, past hundreds of doors. Then the man opened one of them. 'In here,' he said. 'You can have ten minutes.' Anna Harland walked into the room and the man went in after her. He closed the door behind him. There was a table in the room, and two chairs.