Titlu The Enchanted Horse
Autor Victoria Bradshaw
Categorie Limba Engleză
The Enchanted Horse

Invata engleza citind, nivelul recomandat A2 Elementary.  

It was New Year in the city of Schiraz in Persia. The city square was full of people. The king and his family were there too. There was music and dancing. There were fire-eaters and snakecharmers. And of course there was a lot of delicious food and drink. Suddenly, an Indian man appeared in front of the king. He had a beautiful horse with him. It was made of black wood. The Indian spoke to the king. 'Your Majesty! This is a very special horse.' 'Really?' said the king. 'Why is it special? What can it do?' 'It can fly, Your Majesty. When I press this little button on its neck, it flies up into the air and takes me where I want to go.' 'Your horse is certainly a very special horse,' said the king. 'I'd like to have it for myself.' 'I'll sell it to you, Your Majesty.' 'And what's the price?' asked the king. 'Your daughter. I want to marry your daughter,' replied the Indian. 'That's a very high price for a horse.' 'It isn't a high price for a horse that can fly, Your Majesty. Try it and you'll see for yourself!' 'Let my son, Prince Firouz, try the horse,' said the king. Prince Firouz immediately jumped on the horse's back and pressed the button on its neck. The horse flew up unto the air, into the clouds and disappeared. The king was very angry. 'Where is my son?' he shouted. 'Bring him back!' 'I can't,' replied the Indian.